Presidential Quiz

Presidential Quiz

Label: Mama's Boy Presidents | Author: Stanford Erickson
Oct 4, 2013

Can you guess which American president was a Mama’s Boy and which a Daddy’s Boy?

U.S. presidents can be categorized as Mama’s Boys or Daddy’s Boys says award- winning author Stanford Erickson in his book Mama’s Boy Presidents: Why Do We Keep Electing?

Mama’s Boy presidents want to please, but they also want to control. They are nurturing, love to campaign and want others to like them. They have an almost compulsive desire to care for anyone in need. Daddy’s Boy presidents are not overly introspective. They often don’t relate well with people and think campaigning is a necessary evil. They are dutiful and believe in order and structure.

A Daddy’s Boy President is often happy with themselve so has less need to charm others and, often thinks, promoting themselve is unmanly and immodest. Therefore, campaigning is not only difficult for them but unseemly. Because they are secure in their own manhood, they often surround themselves with a very competent Cabinet and often take advice and delegate authority with responsibility to others.

Author Stanford Erickson revels in his book Mama’s Boys President: Why Do We Keep Electing Them that whether a president is a Mama’s Boy or Daddy’s Boy is a major determinate of how they govern the country. Try your hand at the Mama’s Boy~ Daddy’s Boy Presidential quiz. You might be surprised. Hint: of the 44 Presidents, 22 are Mama’s Boys and 22 are Daddy’s Boys. More Mama’s Boys have been elected President since women obtained the vote.

The best Presidents have been balanced Mama’s Boys and balanced Daddy’s Boys. A balanced person is one who acknowledges their predisposition of being a Mama’s Boy or Daddy’s Boy and determines to balance themselves toward the other parent.

All great Presidents were married to strong Daddy’s Girls.

Take the Mama’s Boy-Daddy’s Boy Presidential Quiz

Which of the U.S. presidents below was a Mama’s Boy or a Daddy’s Boy.

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