President Obama’s Second Term – A Prediction

President Obama’s Second Term – A Prediction

Label: Mama's Boy Presidents | Author: Stanford Erickson
Oct 4, 2013

In their second term, Mama’s Boy Presidents like Barack Obama feel they are “invincible.” They often become secular messiahs like President Woodrow Wilson, wanting to save the world. The country is facing a fiscal cliff and what did President Obama do following his election to a second term?  He visited, Thailand and Cambodia.

In terms of management, Mama’s Boys have difficulty confronting men. They can manage and confront women, but, because they are insecure in their own manhood, they either become macho men, like Richard Nixon and George W. Bush, or they become manipulators and dictatorial like Thomas Jefferson Woodrow Wilson and Lyndon B. Johnson.

President Obama gives every indication that he will continue to operate like Thomas Jefferson, Woodrow Wilson and LBJ in his second term.  Many voters expect President Obama to compromise, to a degree, in his second term.  That is not very likely unless he looks back on his first term and honestly evaluates that the second two years of his presidency were not very successful primarily because he chose to “lead from behind” internationally and domestically.

Also, because Obama has difficulty confronting other men like Thomas Jefferson, he ends of being less than forthright and truthful. George Washington, a Daddy’s Boy, is famous for not telling a lie. George Washington ended up never speaking with Thomas Jefferson because Jefferson, when he was Secretary of State during the Washington Administration, Jefferson often lied to President Washington when Washington confronted Jefferson with facts that proved he was undermining him.

President Obama, in his first election and his second, promised to be transparent and honest with voters. But Mamas’ Boys, like Jefferson and Obama, who cannot ‘man up” when confronted with mistakes or bad judgment —like what occurred in Libya—dissemble or fabulize.

What can we expect in how President Obama handles the domestic economy?

When the war in Iraq was not going well, George W. Bush chose to “double down.”  Likewise, President Obama’s approach to domestic policy and his handling of Congress—if he operates like every conflicted Mama’s Boy president prior to him—will be to be even more obstinate than his first term.

Internationally, President Obama, like Woodrow Wilson, believes that individual nations like the United States need to give up a larger portion of their sovereignty to an international body like the United Nations. World peace will only come when what is best for all nations is best for individual nations.

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