I Love My Wife

I Love My Wife

Label: Poems | Author: Stanford Erickson
Jan 24, 2013

For Yoon Ju Erickson


If you were a bright red apple

I would take a big bite out of you.

If you were a sweet green grape

I would swallow you whole.

But since you are totally beautiful

And standing here with your feet slightly apart

With a small smile that smirks,

I will simply kiss the tip of your nose

And whisper, “I love you.”


If you were a tall mountain

I would climb to the very top of you.

If you were a waterfall

I would bathe beneath your rushing waters.

But since you are running away,

Laughing and wanting me to chase you,

I will scamper after you

Like a puppy dog.


If you were a diamond,

I would craft you into a platinum setting.

If you were pure gold,

I would fashion you into a wedding band.

But now that we are married

I will hold onto your hand with the diamond ring I gave you

And will keep the gold band you gave me

Circling my heart until I die.



If you were a balloon,

I would blow you up

Until my lungs nearly burst.

If you were a yo-yo

I would rock the cradle with you.

But since you are the mother

Of our baby boys

I keep the house clean

And wash the dishes every night.



If you were a small sparrow

I would cuddle you in my hands.

If you were a white swan

I would glide my hand down your long neck.

But since you are sleeping here

With your head snuggled into the pillow,

I will merely play with the strands of your hair

That curl around your cute ears.



You are my wife of 35 years

And that is more glorious than any

Apple I could bite or swan I could touch

Or any diamond or gold I could imagine.

But since you are suffering with chills

and pains that cut through you like a knife

from the cancer is eating a part of you,

I will merely rub your feet

And stroke the sweet valley on the small of your back

From now through all eternity.



Stanford Erickson

June 14, 2001


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