How To Be Wiser Than Solomon: A Review By Anthony DiMaio

How To Be Wiser Than Solomon: A Review By Anthony DiMaio

Label: King Solomon | Author: Stanford Erickson
Jan 24, 2013

The relevance and timing of Stanford Erickson’s book Wisdom of Solomon: How to Be Wiser Than King Solomon appears to be utterly uncanny. This compact, 130- page book, provides a fresh perspective upon a time in which unfathomable fortune and power came within the reach of a single man destined for one of antiquity’s thrones. I found it a very enjoyable book to read. Instead of a restatement of many dusty old facts and footnotes, The Wisdom of Solomon is entertaining, educational, motivational, and inspiring. Stanford Erickson takes us behind the curtain, so to speak, to peer into the very soul of a man who was one of history’s first billionaires. Erickson walks us through the episodes that shaped one of the biblical characters whose achievement as a world entrepreneur stands prescient to today’s world of finance. In addition to his robust list of architectural feats, and his founding of one of the first global schools of business, Solomon never seemed to fail at anything he undertook… except one thing: he never approached the intimacy and relationship with the Hebrew God that his father, David, had. Erickson sees a number of reasons for this shortfall, which he discovers in the ancillary wisdom book attributed to Solomon, The Song of Solomon. Stanford Erickson unpacks the impact of Solomon’s unrequited love for his father’s female aide, Abishag, and possibly the cause for his emotional and spiritual derailment.”

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