How to be Wiser than King Solomon

How to be Wiser than King Solomon

Label: King Solomon | Author: Stanford Erickson
Jan 16, 2013

King solomonHow To Be Wiser Than Solomon is a biography of King Solomon. It teaches you to be wiser than Solomon. It also questions the wisdom of some modern scholars of archeology and Biblical scholars of the Old Testament, both learned Jewish scholars and learned Christian scholars. These scholars, most of whom contend that Solomon did not write Ecclesiastes, believe that the stories of David and Solomon in the Old Testament might have been a hoax by Levitical priests to maintain control over the Jewish people. How To Be Wiser Than Solomon explains that Ecclesiastes represents Solomon’s wisdom “under the sun.” My own poem Ecclesiastes: A Modern Sequel describes how to be wiser “above the sun.” Finally, this book gives a unique insight into Solomon’s classic Song of Solomon. Scholars find the poem confusing. Once you understand that Solomon abandoned his true love Abishag to marry Pharaoh’s daughter, the poem on its simplest level is an account of Solomon’s remorse for forsaking Abishag.

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